“We will build a stronger community by mobilizing our resources to improve people’s lives.”


The mission of the United Way of Wilkes County is to involve the entire community in identifying our community’s needs, developing financial resources and partnering with programs to meet these needs.



The United Way of Wilkes County was incorporated and certified as a non-profit 501 (c) (3) agency in November of 1953. The original board members who worked so hard to make this effort a reality were Richard Johnston, Maurice Walsh, W. D. Halfacre, J. B. Carter and Dr. John T. Wayland.

Originally, the organization was called Wilkes County United Fund, Inc. and worked with a small group of traditional agencies which included the American Red Cross, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and the YMCA. Today, with a growing concern to meet the needs of our community, our United Way funds 22+ local agencies and programs that address Crisis Intervention, Educational Advancement and Health Improvement.

Since 1953, the generous people in this community have helped OUR United Way to do the right thing. The United Way has connected those of us who want to help people in Wilkes County wh need our help. The United Way of Wilkes County, Inc. continues to bring together donors, volunteers and businesses, and these partnerships make it possible for all of us to lend a hand to more than 21 “Partner Agencies and Programs” that improve people’s lives in our community each and everyday. In Our “Great State of Wilkes”, help is available from the youngest citizen to the oldest citizen… because you care enough to support our United Way.