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Educational Advancement

Child Abuse Prevention Team (CAPT)   336-667-5555
CAPT/Our House provides Love & Logic parenting classes, supervised visitation services, free in-home advice and referral program, Good-Touch/Bad touch body safety program to Wilkes County elementary schools.

Communities In Schools of Northwest North Carolina   336-651-7830
Communities in Schools is a child advocacy/dropout prevention agency that serves children in grades Pre-K to 12th grade with various programs such as Lunch Buddies, one-on-one mentoring, scholarships, dance lessons, after-school clubs for girls and boys, school supplies and more.

Foster Grandparents Program   336-846-4898
Enrolls seniors age 60 and over to work in schools, day care and Head Start centers and other agencies. Grandparents are assigned to one station where they serve one to three "special kids" 20 hours weekly.

Wilkes Adult Developmental Activity Program (ADAP)   336-667-1800
Provides adults with developmental disabilities opportunities to work via mobile work crews and supported employment; opportunities to access community services like banks, stores and health facilities. Opportunities to participate in recreational outings, events and vacations. Also provides Basic skills classes and counseling.

Wilkes Circles of Care   801-810-9262-toll free
Supports an 18 week "Getting Ahead" class to help clients move from a failure cycle to becoming fully independent and self sufficient

Wilkes Community Partnership for Children   336-838-0977
Wilkes Community Partnership for Children, also known as Wilkes Smart Start, works to help Wilkes County children enter kindergarten healthy and ready to succeed by serving children birth to age five. The Partnership for Children builds community wide awareness of the importance of quality early learning experiences both in the home and in early learning facilities. In addition, the Partnership for Children promotes the activities and programs of the Partnership for Children which focus on family support, health, and child care and are research based with proven results. Service provided by community partners are also promoted. Priorities of the Partnership for Children include working to identify the needs of young children and their families: improving the quality of child care; providing families with essential information, resources and child care options; and educating the community about the critical needs of young children and their families.

Wilkes Literacy   336-818-1323
The purpose of this organization shall be to teach, through trained volunteers, reading and writing to those in need and works to raise public awareness of the literacy needs in Wilkes County.

Wilkes Prison Ministry   336-667-4533
Offers a Re-entry Life Plan program for inmates to be able to function in the outside world and to be an asset to their community. The ministry sponsors a Transition House for released inmates.


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